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RIP: Lizzie Wanyoike loved Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Mr Bean and discouraged laziness

As the burial ceremony for the late Madam Lizzie Wanyoike continues, Eric Kariuki, her last-born child, shed light on the softer side of his mother, a businesswoman and education enthusiast.

Her final resting place will be in Gatanga, her late husband’s home.

Madam Lizzie Wanyoike, known for her indomitable spirit, succumbed to a prolonged battle with cancer on January 14.

In a touching tribute, Eric reminisced about his mother’s hobbies that mirrored her industrious and visionary spirit.

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He fondly recalled her witty comebacks and her love for music.

“You had witty comebacks that were uniquely yours and I cherish the things that brought you joy like your preference for hot drinking water, your love for American singer Michael Bolton and South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka. And your shared laughter watching the ‘Gods must be crazy’ and Mr Bean. Your love for fish over meat, your impatience with idleness and laziness and punctuality,” Eric said.

Lizzie Wanyoike’s daughter, Stella Wanjiru, revealed that her mother’s health struggles began five years ago, a journey marked by visits to various hospitals without a definitive diagnosis during the initial years.

“For over five years, she wasn’t feeling well, but the last three years, her ill health started to escalate,” Stella shared.

Despite extensive travels to different hospitals, including India and the US, a conclusive diagnosis remained elusive.

The frustration mounted as doctors struggled to identify the root cause of her ailment.

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In 2023, Lizzie Wanyoike received a cancer diagnosis, and Stella recalled her mother’s initial anger and disbelief at the severity of the disease.

However, she swiftly donned her armour, preparing for the battle ahead.

The family believed she would recover, fighting hard against the relentless adversary.

“Cancer did not win; our God has taken our mum home,” Stella affirmed.

Lizzie’s first-born Wanyoike Mburu, also shared his perspective, describing her as a “disciplinarian”.

He recounted an incident when she reprimanded him for addressing her as ‘mom’ during a staff meeting, showcasing her commitment to professionalism and respect.