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Rishi Sunak UK’s next PM with Kenyan roots is worth Sh90 billion

After winning the contest for leadership of the Conservative Party, Rishi Sunak who has Kenyan roots is set to become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister.

As the UK looks towards its new Prime Minister, many are in particular analyzing his net worth.

The 42-year-old former finance minister and investment banker is among the UK’s richest, largely thanks to the fortune held by his wife, Akshata Murthy.

Earlier this year, Sunak was included in the Sunday Times rich list, detailing the UK’s wealthiest people.

According to the Guardian, this makes him the first frontline politician to be named in the annual ranking since its inception in 1989.

The list puts his and his wife’s net worth at Sh92 billion ($810 million), with their source of wealth categorised as “technology and hedge fund”.

The Guardian reports that Sunak also owns a portfolio of four properties spread across the world and valued at more than $18.3 million.

His wealth is more than a quarter of a billion dollars richer than the $500 million personal fortune of King Charles III.

According to Forbes, the largest property in their collection is Manor House, a 19th-century, heritage-listed two-story countryside mansion in the village of Kirby Sigston in north Yorkshire, which they purchased in July 2015 for $2.3 million.

The couple is reportedly spending $450,000 to install a leisure center with a 40-foot swimming pool, a gym and an outdoor tennis court.

In London, their main residence is at 16 Hesper Mews in upscale Kensington, a four-bedroom terraced house which they acquired for $7.1 million in 2010.

Sunak also owns an apartment on Old Brompton Road in nearby south Kensington, which he bought for about $300,000 in September 2001.

In California, where Sunak and Murthy met as students at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, they reportedly own an oceanfront penthouse at 1705 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica, valued at $7.5 million.

In Kenya, the 24 Cabinet Secretary (CS) nominees picked by President William Ruto are collectively worth Sh15.25 billion invested in land, apartments, ranches, aircraft as well as high-end vehicles.

According to own declarations, Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee Musalia Mudavadi claims the crown with a net worth of Sh4 billion while Lands, Housing and Urban Development Cabinet Secretary nominee Zachariah Njeru is the poorest millionaire worth Sh80 million.

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