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Rising star Trevor Fortel – I want to inspire people through my song, ‘Energy’

Kenyan hip-hop star Trevor Fortel has released his highly anticipated new single, “Energy,” a powerful anthem narrating his journey in music.

Directed by Kash Ndungu and produced by the talented Nzau, “Energy” promises to captivate listeners with its themes of resilience and self-empowerment.

Speaking about the song, Trevor told Nairobi News:

“With ‘Energy,’ I wanted to create a track that embodies the power of resilience and self-empowerment. This song and its music video are about overcoming obstacles and reclaiming your strength to forge your own path. I hope ‘Energy’ inspires everyone to rise above their challenges and embrace their inner power.”

“Energy” is a compelling narrative of Trevor’s path to overcoming obstacles and claiming his rightful place as a king in his own right.

The music video vividly depicts Trevor’s struggle to reclaim his “energy” by seizing a crown from a dependent king and forging his path.

This visual metaphor speaks to the universal experience of facing challenges and emerging stronger.

The song was released on May 24.

Who is Trevor Fortel?

Trevor Fortel is a gifted artist who discovered his passion for music early on while growing up in Western Kenya.

Immersed in hip-hop, he began exploring melodies and eventually embraced rapping as a member of the music group Fotel. His music reflects his rich life experiences, deep-rooted faith, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

With his thought-provoking verses, witty punchlines, and memorable one-liners, Trevor’s lyrical prowess leaves a lasting impact on listeners.

In 2021, he debuted with the EP “Marking Scheme: An Introduction,” showcasing his diverse musical style and dedication to excellence.

Trevor is currently working on music videos for his sophomore project, “Marking Scheme II: Money Talks,” which includes the tracks “Numbers,” “Kesho,” “Kazi,” and “Energy.” Guided by the philosophy “The Work Speaks,” Trevor aims to create music that touches the soul and stimulates the mind.

Director Kash Ndungu brings a dynamic and visually captivating approach to the “Energy” music video, while Producer Nzau crafts a soundscape that perfectly complements Trevor’s powerful lyrics.

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