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Risks men face by having several baby mamas

By Winnie Mabel September 23rd, 2023 2 min read

There is this unexplained phenomena that occurs when a guy impregnates his woman then proceeds to cheat on her. Thus begins the cycle of the man having a baby mama in his life because she might chose to leave the relationship.

So this guy moves on to the next female and then next chick and the next clandestine lover and the next mumama... and guess what?

He’s leaving behind a trail of pregnant women, disillusioned by love and bitter with men who get to walk away unburdened. But these men do face risks and challenges just by having several women bearing his children within a short time span.

Despite being viewed as ‘mwanaume kamili’, all he is amassing is financial strain because these women will definitely demand child support, whether it is through the courts or other means.

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This man will run himself to the ground hustling for money to pay for these children’s basic needs and, inadvertently, the baby mamas’ lifestyles because he put them in those positions.

Such a guy will also have to endure the emotional stress that comes with being unable to balance being present in these children’s lives and he will be greatly vilified for it.

These guys will be at risk of high stress, guilt and psychological issues but society will not look kindly on him because he couldn’t keep his zip zipped up. He brought this on himself.

Let’s not even forget how he might be denied co-parenting time in some of these children’s lives. These kids will grow up with an absentee father and when the chicken will come home to roost, he will eventually have to explain himself to them.

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Can you imagine how awkward that conversation will be?

“I couldn’t stay with your mum because I ‘ate’ Mercy and your mum couldn’t bear to be near me afterwards.”

Someone say cringe, strained relationships and childhood traumas!

One of the greatest risks would have to be his viability as a loving, trustworthy and loyal partner. No woman will ever take a guy with over four baby mamas seriously. They wouldn’t even touch him with a ten-foot pole!

So what is the risk here? Loneliness, societal pressures and disdain over his lifestyle.

Imagine that, a 40-year-old man with five baby mamas below the age of 30. Stigma alone will leave such a man battling feelings of isolation and discrimination.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the potential implosion of his life if these baby mamas decide to recreate WWE fights in his house when he does not meet their expectations… is it really worth it?

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