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Risper Faith brags about failing KCSE but having a hot body

By Winnie Mabel February 28th, 2023 2 min read

Instagram influencer Risper Faith, alias Lady Risper, has admitted that she failed her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education national examinations but women who scored A grades keep asking her how she managed to succeed in life.

In a recent live Instagram session, the socialite also bragged about having a hot body.

These two issues were part of her larger conversations where she advised women to humble themselves to their men so that they could be bought for lavish things which she enjoy.

She also spoke about how women should toe the line until they are married and thereafter become any type of women they want to become.

Kenyan Instagram influencer Risper Faith. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Ask your man ‘where do you see yourself in the next five years’ and what type of woman he wants for a wife. Of course he will tell you he is looking for a beautiful wife and as for me, the one quality about me is that I know I am beautiful,” she said.

“Nothing can tell me otherwise about that. I have the assets, I have the chest and I have the face. I have brains too – I know myself – no one can tell me anything that I am not beautiful. I have 1.7k followers on this live and some of you may not find me beautiful but I know I am,” she further explained.

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith. PHOTO | COURTESY

“I got a C- in KCSE, I failed in my exams but I know I am street smart in my brain. No one can beat me in that. Even those girls who got As ask me how I succeeded in life. I believe in myself. So he (my  husband) told me what he was looking for in a wife and I asked him if I had the qualities and he said yes but there were things about me we had to polish,” she went on.

The socialite further bragged about being a rich man’s wife and living her best life. She currently lives in a three-floor mansion with her husband, Brian Muiruri, and their son, Ryan. She drives a Range Rover is known to flaunt her lifestyle on social media as well as her voluptuous assets.

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