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Risper Faith caught in a lie as she reveals reason for fallout with Vera Sidika

Last year, socialite Vera Sidika had a bitter fallout with one of her best friends, Maxwell Mwamburi, when he wanted to come out as a member of the LGBTQ community. Maxwell, who identifies as female and now goes by the name Maxine Mkamburi, accused Vera of being homophobic after she allegedly advised him to not ‘come out of the closet’.

Maxwell also claimed that Vera discouraged him from dressing up as a female whenever they were together in public. At the height of their disagreement, Vera allegedly kicking Maxwell out of her house in the wee hours of the morning, signaling the end of their friendship.

It is then that Maxwell embarked on social and mainstream media rants targeting Vera with shade. Maxwell also often celebrated whenever Vera was the target of scandal and public scorn, such as when she lied about removing implants in her backside and always claimed Vera was a fake friend.

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It appears that this drama was one of the reasons Vera and her fellow Instagram influencer, Risper Faith, fell out. Risper has now revealed how she found herself in the middle of the drama.

“Nothing happened between me and Vera Sidika. There is this guy called Maxwell who was our mutual friend. When he came out to announce that he is gay, I supported him. In this life, just support people. When Vera saw that I was supporting Maxwell, she saw that I was in the same league with Maxwell and she decided to block me,” Risper said in a recent Q&A session on Instagram live.

“I don’t have any issues with her (Vera). We are both women, we both have big behinds, why should we hate each other? But I don’t have any beef with anyone,” she said.

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Despite claiming she has no beef whatsoever with Vera, Risper was front and center in dissing Vera for clout chasing with claims that she had undergone lifesaving surgery to remove implants from her derriere.

Turns out Vera was only traying to drum up views for a rap song she was about to release but the song flopped.

“Ati m***** imefanya? Apparently, I am the only one with real a**, shangwe kwa waluhya (let us celebrate Luhyas),” Risper said while shading Vera.

Vera has always been pitted against other voluptuous influencers including Amber Ray, Corazon Kwamboka and Risper.

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