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Risper Faith: How my son overcame life-threatening facial injury

Socialite Risper Faith has revealed that her son recently underwent a Maxillofacial surgery after an accident in their house.

Maxillofacial surgery involves an operation to correct a disease, injury or defect of the face, jaw or mouth.

In a recent live session on her TikTok, the former Nairobi Diaries actress recounted how her son injured his face after he stumbled and fell while playing on a sofa.

Risper and her husband Brian rushed their child to the hospital where he was given some fast aid and painkillers since he could not undergo the surgery with his stomach full.

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“He had just taken his supper and so, the doctors suggested that he had to undergo the surgery when his stomach was empty. We went back home and he was given some painkiller. I cried and asked God for his protection,” Risper emotionally recounted.

Risper also recounted using holy water as she prayed for her son who was waiting for the surgery. Throughout the night, she said she was meditating about the impending surgery.

“My husband also encouraged me to sleep but I could not. We woke up on Friday morning and he was still very calm,” she said.

On Friday, they returned to the hospital and the surgeon entered the room to explain the procedure and the costs.

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“His surgery was scheduled for 8am on that Friday. The surgery was about Sh152,000, including of bed and medication,” she said.

While revealing that the surgery was successfully, Risper also praised her son for his resilience.

“If he did not do the surgery, he would have a deformity on the face. The surgery was about one hour and all through that time, I was praying to God,” she said.

Brian and Risper met on social media and got married in 2018.

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