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Risper Faith: I got saved to get a husband

By Winnie Mabel February 24th, 2023 2 min read

Socialite Risper Faith and her husband, Brian Muiruri, tied the knot in February 2018. The two appeared on the reality show Nairobi Diaries whose cast were constantly embroiled in scandals. Brian had appeared on the show for dating Risper and reportedly paid Sh2million for her bride price.

Despite their relationship being hit by claims of infidelity, the two eventually got married and settled down. Later had their son, Ryan.

Fast forward to February 2023. The voluptuous and outspoken influencer has now revealed that she had to give her life to Jesus Christ so that she could pray for a husband.

Ironically, her speech, which is sometimes littered with profanity, and the provocative photographs of her body that she posts on social media, do not align with someone who is born again anymore.

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Speaking during a live session on Instagram, the socialite said it got to a point where she was tired of being on the streets and being single and that she just wanted to be with someone who did not view her as a sexual object because of her body.

“I didn’t know that Brian would become my husband when we met. It was just my luck. I kept praying to God telling him ‘please God, I am tired. Let this one be the one for me’ and God hears prayers. Even at that time I gave my life to Jesus Christ and got born again, I went to church and I continued praying to God. On top of my list was a good man who would respect me and won’t sexualize me or view me as a sexual symbol. These days, when men look at my photos on Instagram, see my back side, my large breasts and all they see is a sexual object. They only want to use you for sex and nothing more,” she said.

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“Pray to God – not that you go and kneel down and begin mourning – but keep reminding God that you are looking for a husband and ask him to give you a husband. Make sure to tell Him the qualities of a husband that you want. For me, I wanted a man who had lived abroad, is exposed to the world and loves his mother. A man who loves his mother will love and respect his wife. I just kept praying about it and it worked out,” she said.

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