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Risper Faith: Nairobi women I introduced to my sponsor friends disappointed me

Socialite Risper Faith now says that most Nairobi women whom she has introduced to her sponsor friends have disappointed her.

According to Risper, a big number of Nairobi women are very naïve and are not exposed to high quality of life.

For example, she says, some women who went on dates with her sponsor friends did not know what drink or food to order.

“I do not like Sushi but when I go to a restaurant with my friends I will not embarrass myself but eat the sushi. How can you go to a big hotel and order cheap wine, ask for Chardonnay, Merlot,” she said.

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“The reality of life is that no one wants a hard life, as a woman you can use what you have to change your life. Look for your stronghold, it is money and a good life that we are looking for. All these women you see on social media living a high end life you think it is their brain that made them have that life?” she posed.

She says for her it is her big bum that has opened many doors in life. Her bum is her stronghold and it is actually what attracted her husband Brian to her.

“It is after I took some photos and posted them online that Brian sent me a direct message. Men are visual beings and it is not about your personality. If I did not have a big bum I would not be commercial,” she said.

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Just a few weeks ago Risper spoke of how she had to give her life to Jesus so that she could get a husband.

Upon getting saved, she embarked on prayers to meet her husband because she was tired of being on the streets and being objectified. She went on to reveal how she had gotten her wealthy husband to tell her what qualities he was looking for in a wife and how she adjusted her life to fit Brian’s bill.

Additionally, she told women to submit and humble themselves to the men in their lives if they wanted to receive the fine things in life, like expensive cars and houses.

In a rather flippant way, she advised women to toe the line until they get married and thereafter become whatever type of women they want to be.

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