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Risper Faith: Stop criticizing my body! 

Kenyan socialite Risper Faith seems to be still taking blows from her social media critics following an altercation about her body.

The renowned celebrity, having enough of what her haters have to say about her weight and general outlook, post-liposuction surgery, shared her sentiments on her Insta-stories, saying that she is fed up with people coming at her for her physical size. 

“Stop criticizing my body that am fat after doing liposuction. I did it in 2020 and have been eating, what’s wrong with y’all? You really love to make people feel like shit while you look like a hippopotamus. Bye Felicia,” read Risper’s post.

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The socialite underwent a liposuction procedure back in 2020, which she announced at the time was necessary as she was greatly concerned about her massive weight gain. 

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body,

After the surgery, Risper said that her liposuction surgery was successful, and a total of 8 litres of fat was removed from her stomach and lower back.

“8 litres of fat was removed from my stomach and lower back through surgery called liposuction by @bodybydesignkenya ,at this point my life has completely changed no more eating unhealthy,” shared the socialite.

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Giving the reason behind her choice to get the procedure done then, the mother of one said in a video seen by Nairobi News that her ideal weight is 80kg, but as of the moment, she weighs 115kg.

“My ideal weight is 80kg, and I am at 115kg and it has taken me about 6 years to gain all this weight. I have tried the gym, but working out and staying healthy is not that easy but am not seeing any progress,” said Risper.

The entrepreneur added that being a brand, she had to look and feel good, and at the time, she was not happy with her weight which prompted her to seek a better and more effective solution. 

“You know, Lady Risper is a brand, there are so many clothing Lines that want to work with me, and you know if you look good, you make good money. So am just looking for a permanent solution …liposuction surgery is a very safe procedure. I am not happy right now, I want to be happy, and liposuction will make me happy,” said Risper Faith.

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