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Risper Faith to women: Pray for a husband, even if he’s taken

In a recent Instagram live session, Kenyan influencer Risper Faith spoke of how she had to give her life to Jesus so that she could get a husband.

Upon getting saved, she embarked on prayers to meet her husband because she was tired of being on the streets and being objectified. She went on to reveal how she had gotten her wealthy husband, Brian, to tell her what qualities he was looking for in a wife and how she adjusted her life to fit Brian’s bill.

Additionally, she told women to submit and humble themselves to the men in their lives if they wanted to receive lavish properties like the Range Rover and mansion she got. In a rather flippant way, she advised women to toe their men’s lines until they managed to secure a ring and after the wedding, the women could become whatever type of women they wanted to become.

As she got to the tail end of her live session, she bragged about being a rich man’s wife and living her best life because she became what Brian needed in a woman. Her advise to her female followers was that they should keep praying to God that the person they are dating proposes marriage to them because “God listens to prayers by the way.” She, however, admitted that it may take time to get the particular husband one desires but they would eventually show up.

“What if it is someone’s husband?” asked one of her followers tuned in to her live session. Risper Faith responded by saying, “Even if he is already someone else’s husband but you are praying to God about him, maybe he is your husband and that is okay. But you people don’t come for my husband. It depends on who this other person’s husband is, if he is okay with his wife or not. If they are okay, leave them alone, just eat his money but if they are not okay and he is looking for another wife,  why not? If God has sent him to you, who are you to refuse?”

Risper Faith, a former reality show participant in the infamous Nairobi Diaries, and Brian Muiruri, tied the knot in February 2018. He reportedly paid a dowry of Sh 2 million for the lass but their journey down the aisle was first rocked by claims of infidelity in their relationship. The two managed to overcome the drama and married in a star-studded lavish ceremony.

The couple share one child, a son.

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