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Risper Faith: Why I can’t do a reality show featuring my family

Socialite Risper Faith has explained why she not for the idea of doing a reality show centered around her family.

During an interview with Mwende Macharia, the mother of one expressed her hope of being part of another reality show in the future, following her previous involvement in Nairobi Diaries.

Last year, Risper expressed her disappointment after she missed out on an opportunity to feature in the recently concluded reality show, The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

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“I was certain that I would be part of the show. Producers from South Africa contacted me and provided me with all the details about the show. It would have been a great platform for my business,” Risper explained.

When asked if she would consider creating her own reality show, the socialite said it would be impossible due to her decision not to post her child on social media.

“I refrain from sharing images of my baby on social media, so it would be challenging to do a reality show involving my family, where I would have to expose him online. I want him to experience a normal upbringing, just like we did,” Risper stated.

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In a past TikTok live, Risper said her curvaceous figure played a significant role in opening numerous opportunities for her in life.

“I uploaded some photos online, and that’s when Brian slid into my DMs. Men are visually attracted, and it’s not solely about one’s personality. If it weren’t for my voluptuous figure, I wouldn’t have gained commercial success,” she said.

“Despite achieving a C plain in my exams, I am financially well-off. Academically, I may not have been outstanding, but I won Brayo’s heart with my prominent posterior.”

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