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Rival matatu camps fight for control in CBD as ban looms

A face-off is looming in the matatu sector over control of matatu operations in the city centre.

This is after Governor Mike Sonko’s directive that public service vehicles self-regulate on the dropping and picking of passengers in the Central Business District or face a complete ban.

Whereas Governor Sonko seemed to have assigned the the self-regulation role to NCBD Traffic Control Team, Matatu Owners Association (MOA) have unveiled its own traffic marshals

MOA chairman Simon Kimutai told journalists that every matatu sacco has employed a a marshal to ensure free flow of traffic in their terminal.


“According to recommendation that were put by the governor that we self-regulate and make sure there is free flow of traffic in our area of operation, every sacco has employed a marshal who will ensure free flow of traffic,” said Mr Kimutai.

He said that their marshals will ensure that there is no obstruction in their respective areas of operation.

Mr Kimutai added they will not accept control by NCBD Traffic Control Team.

“We will not accept to controlled or allow any other person employed by another person to come and work in our space. Let them work in their jurisdiction and on the areas they represent in the Saccos,” said Mr Kimutai.


However, the vice chairman of NCBD Traffic Control Team Mr Wambugu Kanaru laughed off Mr Kimutai’s assertions, saying MOA is not recognised by the county government.

He added that they will not be barred from controlling traffic on any part of the city since they are mandated to ensure free flow of traffic.

“Mr Kimutai is trying to get back at us, transport is devolved and the county government is set to decide who to work with not an individual, ”said Mr Kanaru.