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RNB star Jason Derulo sends mixed signals on love life

RNB singer Jason Derulo has continued to send mixed signals on her relationship with baby mama Jena Frumes, months after the couple welcomed their son Jason King Derulo.

The ‘Acapulco’ hitmaker recently announced the split with the actress and fitness model citing their need to part ways to become better.

“She is an amazing mother but we feel being apart at this time will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves and the best parents we could be,” he tweeted.

Since that breakup, Jena has been leaving cryptic TikTok comments, fuelling speculation he cheated on her.

A month after their split, the pair sparked reactions from their fans as they were spotted having lunch together, with some of their fans questioning if they could be back together.

However, neither of the TikTok stars has since commented on the situation.

Adding to further speculation about their current status, Jason and Jena posted a family TikTok video on their social media pages, celebrating Halloween with both celebrities together with their son dressed in Superman costumes

The post also marked the first revelation of their son’s face to the public.

The candid posts fuelled rumors of a reconciliation between the pair.

Jason Derulo became a social media superstar and skyrocketed his music career by creating a vivid presence on TikTok.

The singer has since the advent of Covid-19 entertained his fans via the platform with funny videos and challenges that go viral.