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Road trip to Masinga was not Project X party

The main organiser of the ill-fated Masinga road trip has denied reports that the event was a curtain raiser for the controversial Project X sex party.

One person died and two others were injured during the road trip held last Sunday.

Branden Mukwana, founder of Matatu Galore, an organisation aimed at appreciating the matatu culture, told Nairobi News that he did not even know that there was a planned sex party until after the Masinga trip was linked to it.

“This particular road trip had been planned since last year and it was in celebration of our organisation’s first anniversary,” said Mr Mukwana.


Matatu Galore was started early last year and has hosted seven other road trips with destinations that include Namanga, Machakos and Nakuru.


“Apart from road trips, we also do charity events where we visit children’s homes using our matatus,” said the organiser.

The Sunday road trip to Masinga involved 24 matatus of different passenger capacity ferrying over 500 youths to the venue.

“Our tickets are standard costing Sh1, 000 which covers the transport and safety costs as we usually have safety marshals and first aid assistants on all matatus,” said Mr Mukwana.


During the trip, one of the matatus was involved in an accident that left one person dead and two other’s injured.

Police who arrived at the scene of the accident later filed a report indicating that the youth’s on board were intoxicated.

A statement from the Kenya Film Classification Board chairman Ezekiel Mutua linked the road trip to the planned sex party dubbed Project X.

According to Mr Mukwana, the road trips are only open to adults who are over the age of 18 and national IDs are a requirement during purchase of tickets.

He added that alcohol is usually not allowed during the trips hence discrediting the police narrative.