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The truth about this road with zigzag yellow line

A picture of a road bearing a zigzag yellow line in the middle has left Kenyan motorists on social media confused.

The photo, which has gone viral, shows a road in an upcountry setting with a section of the road partly marked in a zigzag yellow line, which continues in a straight line ahead.

And the big question on most Kenyans’ minds has been ‘what does it mean?’

While it started as a joke on Twitter, it has of late snowballed into a serious discussion on WhatsApp groups with some users purporting to have a serious explanation.


But what does it mean anyway?

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) says that no road with such markings exists in Kenya.

“We do not have a road in Kenya with such markings. However, these kinds of road markings do exist in other parts of the world like for example in the UK they are used to indicate to motorists that they are approaching a pedestrian crossing,” says Ms Dido Guyatu head of communications at NTSA.