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Robbers bludgeon KU student to death

A Kenyatta University student and two other people were killed in Kahawa Wendani on Wednesday morning in a robbery incident.

The student was hit by a heavy metal on the head by robbers who were returning from a raid in a residential area.

The 4am incident happened following a robbery by a three-man gang  in Gasha Gardens Estate. The gang was armed with a pistol.

According to the police, the robbers killed a watchman guarding the area by hitting him with a heavy metal bar on the head, before proceeding to rob people who were in their houses.

“When they were leaving the estate, they met the student, Thineus Muriungi, who they killed by hitting his head with a heavy metal bar before robbing him,” Kasarani OCPD, Augustine Nthumbi said.

Police on patrol heard the commotion and rushed to the scene where the student was being robbed and shot one of the thugs dead.

“The police killed one thug but the others managed to escape with bullet wounds. They recovered an empty water pistol from the slain thug, a Blackberry phone stolen from one of the estate dwellers and some money,” Mr Nthumbi said.

He asked members of the public to give out information if they come across people with bullet wounds.