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Robbery suspect pleads guilty to refusing to have fingerprints taken

Two men who allegedly accosted and robbed their business rival of Sh150,000 and a mobile phone in Eastleigh were charged with violent robbery at Milimani law courts.

They are Galgalo Tadich Galgalo and Nassir Omar Shaffe.

The duo is accused of jointly robbing Gulleid Kunow Mursal while armed with a knife and a metal bar on July 20.

The suspects are said to have used violence against Mursal during and after the incident.

Shaffe was separately charged with refusing to permit fingerprints to be taken contrary to provisions of the National Police Service Act.

He was accused of refusing his fingerprints being taken by police constable Benson Musau during investigations.

Both denied the robbery charge before senior resident magistrate David Ndungi but Shaffe pleaded guilty to the charge of refusing to have fingerprints taken.

Fingerprint taking is a criminal justice procedure of identifying the suspect and investigating whether they have pending cases, are wanted by policeĀ or courts, or have previous convictions.

Galgalo was freed on Sh1 million bond with a surety of a like sum and an alternative cash bail of Sh500,000 with a contact person.

Shaffe was denied bail and bonds while and will remain at Pangani police station awaiting sentencing.