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Robbery with violence suspect arrested in Nakuru

A man linked to robbery with violence incidents in Nakuru County is in police custody following his arrest on the evening of Sunday, January 2, 2023,

In a statement, the National Police Service (NPS), said police officers received information from members of the public that a man had been spotted making rounds within the constituency.

“The police received information from members of the public that the man who was wanted over suspicion of his involvement in several cases of robbery and muggings has been spotted in the area,” the police said in a statement.

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The police officers who received the tip-off quickly rushed to Jasho area in Kaptembwo where they arrested the suspect who was armed with a knife.

The police thanked members of the public for their quick action that led to the suspect’s arrest.

This comes just two days after police officers arrested a man suspected to be the leader of a gang known as Wa TZ which is splinter group of the infamous Confirm gang in Nakuru.

The suspect, who was arrested during a police operation in Msalaba area in Nakuru East following a tip-off from members of the public, was found in possession of two knives.

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“The gang has been on the police radar for many days. On Wednesday, police officers were notified that the gang had a meeting at Msalaba area, where they arrested the suspect,” he said.

Mr Mwanzo said police officers also seized a car and crude weapons, including swords and machetes, from the gang member.

In August 2022, during another police arrested another member of Confirm gang and recovered drugs in his house.

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