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Robert Alai questions confirmation of Sh 7.2m gold worn by Mike Sonko

Flamboyant city politician Mike Sonko and Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly Robert Alai’s online war of words regarding bragging about riches online escalated on June 1, 2023.

In videos he shared online, Sonko took several of his renowned gold chains and rings containing diamonds to jewelers in Nairobi’s Central Business District to have them tested if they are real gold and diamonds or not.

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“Lakini sometimes it’s good to prove some haters like a certain MCA and his envious battalion wrong when they insist on involving themselves in matters they have no clue or knowledge about! My fren (friend) Roba, I managed to go to two jewelers to test whether my bling is fake as you alleged. Kindly watch this whole footage carefully to ascertain if you are right or wrong. You can as well look for a jeweler of your choice for further testing, I will avail my bling for the test. In case ni (it is) fake, my offer ya kujengea nyanyako nyumba ushago (my offer to build your grandmother a house in her rural home) is still valid,” said Mike Sonko.

The jeweler, despite claiming that the jewelry was dirty and the readings might not be 100%, confirmed that the chains were indeed gold. For the diamaond in the ring Sonko bought from Dubai, the jeweler confirmed the diamonds in the ring are real due to readings from a machine that detects the carbon levels in the diamond. The jeweler went ahead to weigh all the gold jewelry Sonko had brought in and their weight to be worth Sh 7.23 million.

Despite this proof, the MCA later went ahead to claim the jeweler was a fake practitioner as well.

Theirs is a beef that began last week when Alai called out Sonko for bragging about money online, telling him he has a poverty mentality. In response, Sonko insulted Alai, threatening to go ahead and build him a modern house in his rural village in the event he dies. This time, Sonko also said he would build Alai’s grandmother a house.

Sonko has a love for the finer things in life. He enjoys wearing luxury brand clothes, shoes and writst watches, drives expensive V8 engine vehicles and always has gold and diamonds on his neck and fingers.

This is not the first Sonko, who was impeached as Nairobi governor in 2019 due to allegations of corruptin, has attempted to prove that the jewelry he is spotted in daily are all legitimate.

In 2019, he was spotted wearing a Versace lapel pin when he appeared before a Parliamentary committee. People wondered if the pin could be the real deal from SVersace’s 2018 catalogue or could be one of those knock offs that were selling for at least Sh 1,000 on various e-commerce websites across the world.