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Robert Alai: I relied on Jacob Juma’s crucial information

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has revealed that he relied heavily on information from slain businessman Jacob Juma to post exposés on social media.

While paying tribute to the late Juma during a memorial service at the All Saints Cathedral on Thursday, Alai also said that he had once advised the businessman to be more careful with his life.

“I have lost a big source of information. He once gave me documents to prove that a piece of land meant for a school had been grabbed, after I highlighted it, the land was returned,” Alai said.

Alai also cast aspersions on information provided by the police on the circumstances surrounding the businessman’s death.

“According to his WhatsApp account, Juma was alive until after 10pm. This is contrary to reports that he was murdered at around 9:30pm,” Alai said.