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Robert Alai shows proof of ‘low salaries’ Kenyan politicians earn

Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly, Robert Alai, has tabled proof of the “meager salaries” that Kenyan politicians earn.

The vocal blogger, who was elected MCA in August’s General Election, has proved his point by displaying the salaries of MCAs, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of County Assembly.

According to the structure that Alai produced on Twitter, the Speaker of the County Assembly draws a basic salary of Sh315,315, a house allowance of Sh80,000, and market adjustment pay of Sh130,210 amounting to a gross salary of Sh525,525.

Deputy Speaker’s basic salary is Sh129,938, with a house allowance and market adjustment of Sh60,000 and Sh26,625 respectively for a gross salary of Sh216,563.

On the other hand, MCAs have a basic salary is Sh86,625 with  a house allowance of Sh45,000, market adjustment of Sh12,750 for a gross salary of Sh144,375.

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Earlier on, blogger Abraham Mutai had suggested that ordinary Kenyans sweat to attain their academic qualifications only to be paid poorly as compared to politicians who were highly paid despite lack of papers.

“It is so sad. Poor ordinary Kenyans must attain strenuous qualifications to qualify for simple jobs that pay almost peanuts as salary but Kenyan politicians, who are among the highly paid across the world, do not need a Degree or Diploma to qualify to legislate in our Parliament!” Mutai said.

The tweet caught the attention of Alai who gave his take on the matter.

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A staunch supporter of ODM party leader, the controversial MCA has rubbed many people the wrong way, including prominent public figures.

In one incident, during the campaign period, Alai and ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna nearly came to blows in Mr Odinga’s presence.

In 2021, he was involved in a public confrontation with musician Alex Apoko aka Ringtone in the middle of a road in Nairobi.

Ringtone claimed that he was injured in the incident and sued Alai for assault and damage of property.

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