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Robert Matano: Patrick Aussems is an average coach, full of excuses

Tusker coach Robert Matano has hit out at his AFC Leopards counterpart Patrick Aussems over supposed derogatory remarks levelled against him.

Further, Matano has dared Aussems to an unspecified duel in a bid to settle their differences.

Matano’s remarks come a day after the controversial Aussems, a Belgian national, suggested on his socials that the Tusker trainer not only lacked international experience but also relied on ‘juju’ (supernational means) to win matches.

Aussems comments came a day after the two coaches have involved in an ugly spat on the touchline in a Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Premier League match at the Nyayo National Stadium.

Tusker triumphed in the match by a solitary goal.

Matano, 59, further claimed Aussems threatened him, but warned he is ready for the duel.

“I will not leave anything to chance and since he promised me a fight in town, I’m ready for him. What I will not allow him to get away with is his claims that I use witchcraft to win matches. That one he has to prove in hell, heaven, or on earth. He has to and I must get an answer,” said an angry Matano.

“I’m a Kenyan and because he is a foreigner, he thinks he can come here and speak trash about me at home. I will not report his threats to the police but mark my words, Aussems will have to prove to me how I win matches using witchcraft. I will not leave him,” he added.

Matano further said that all in attendance at the stadium on the fateful day saw Aussems attack him.

He accused the former Simba SC coach of deploying delay tactics in the game that turned temperamental at the end.

“I just restrained myself because I’m not the Matano of yester years. If it could be then, then maybe we would be talking about a different thing now,” he added.

Matano also refuted Aussem’s claims that he is not an experienced coach claiming his record is there for everyone to see.

Not done, Matano then questioned Aussems coaching style saying he will struggle to win trophies at the club if he doesnt change.

“He has been at Leopards for three years and every season he claims he has young players. Are AFC Leopards players age static? They don’t grow? He is just blackmailing the club because if he is a top coach as he claims, he should be in one of the big clubs in Europe,” said Matano.

Matano has won three Kenyan Premier League titles in the past decade during his stints at Tusker and Sofapaka.

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