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Rock City outing leaves father furious

A furious father has warned of what he says is a deadly danger lying in wait at a popular city amusement park.

In a Facebook post, Mr Mike Arunga claims his young son was badly burnt as he played happily on the electric cars at Rock City on Kiambu Road.

“Rock City in Kiambu is a death trap,” he complained in a hard hitting post on Facebook. “My son was riding the cars when he got electrocuted (sic).”

First Aid

And he went on: “He is well but not only did these guys not have first aid, there was no one to assist.”

Accompanying the post was a photograph said to be of his son that showed an open wound on the child’s side knee. By 3.48pm yesterday (Thursday), the post had been shared by 849 people.

Health and safety chiefs were ignorant of the incident. “I don’t know anything about it,” said Nairobi County director of health services, Dr Robert Ayisi.

But Rock City owner, John Njuguna, who opened the fairground in 2002 and has built it into a business now said to be worth millions of shillings told NairobiNews that he wasn’t aware of the incident.

He wondered why Mr Arunga preferred to post the matter on Facebook instead of reporting to the fair ground’s management or the nearest police station.

Mr Arunga declined to comment on the matter when our reporter sought his comments. Mr Njuguna said a woman claiming to be the child’s mother called him on Wednesday and threatened to expose him in the media.

Njuguna explained that any mechanical faults are looked into and fixed immediately.

“Of course we want everyone to be safe. Servicing is done regularly to ensure that such incidents don’t occur,” he said.

And he added that “sensitive equipment” like the electric cars are replaced whenever newer and safer models come out.

He continued:  “We do have first aid facilities. Our equipment is in good shape so we only anticipate the usual scrapes for example when a child falls down running. This happens all the time.”

He explained:  “The electric cars are operated using a nine-volt charge, stepped down from the usual 240V received from the grid in a control room. How can they burn anyone?”