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Romantic gestures that will spice up your Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing some love is inevitable during this season. Lovers tend to reciprocate love as it comes their way and this Christmas you can share some love through these simple romantic gestures;

1. Make her breakfast

Your woman has been ensuring you break the fast every morning with goodies, its time to pay back. Wake up before her and prepare some scrambled eggs (if she loves them) toast some nice bread and butter it then complete with a glass of her favourite juice, serve her breakfast in bed.

2. Disconnect with the world

No one wants a busy on phone man, even on those special occasions. Let your phone rest for some hours on Christmas day and instead focus on your woman, touching and telling her how beautiful she is. Talk to her with no television or radio interrupting and say some sweet nothings to each other.

3. A massage day

Well I know you are not a masseuse but pretend to be on and just pour some nice smelling oil on your woman as you massage her through. It might take just minutes or an hour but she will be forever grateful that you tried to emulate a masseuse. Ps You could check out some YouTube videos of simple massages.

4. Cuddle

It is important to just cuddle and stare at nothing while just listening to your woman’s heartbeat. Closeness will surely earn you some points this Christmas so spare sometime to just cuddle and stare blankly at each other. Simple but effective.

5. Make her laugh

Its not the day to start an argument, even when you get irritated, just make fun of it and laugh it away. It will not kill you to die to self just for a day to make her happy. Make the most of every statement and moment and use it to create some humor.

6. Gift her

Gifts speak louder to women. Be sure to get her a bottle of her favourite scent or a fashion statement piece. Gifts create a longer lasting impression in women and have a way of making them feel special.

7. Take a shower together

After a long Christmas day, end the day in style by stepping into the bathroom naked as she showers. This will definitely set the mood right for a kinky Christmas night featuring steamy sex.