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Ronaldo reportedly pays lover an estimated Ksh12.5M monthly salary

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, in a recent report, is said to be showering his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez an estimated Shs. 12.5 Million per month for a variety of responsibilities.
According to the Spanish TV show ‘Viva La Vida’, Ronaldo is transferring a monthly figure of close to 100,000 euros to Georgina’s bank account. This figure reportedly serves for “expenses and child care”, as Georgina is the person who is taking care of the kids while Ronaldo is away.
Cristiano and Georgina are one of the most admired and wealthiest couples in the world, commanding a huge social media following and earning whopping sums of money mostly through advertising partnerships.
The pair have been together since 2017, and have a child together with twins on the way. The Manchester United superstar is understood to earn around Ksh75M per week, making him the highest-paid player in the Premier League as of now.
Georgina has recently released a docuseries about her daily life on Netflix, outlining how she is coping with being a mother, a businesswoman, a partner, and an influencer at the same time.
In a recent episode, the football superstar hinted at ‘planning’ a wedding with his long-term girlfriend.
Ronaldo admitted in his girlfriend’s recent Netflix documentary he was “1000 percent certain” he would end up tying the knot with the Spanish beauty.