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Roots Party presidential running mate forced to demystify bhang campaign

Roots Party presidential running mate Mrs Justina Wangui Wamae has defended the party’s manifesto, particularly the campaign to legalise marijuana in Kenya.

Ms Wamae found herself on the defensive over the matter during the first-tier debate for presidential candidate running mates on Tuesday evening at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, where she faced off with Agano Party’s Ruth Mucheru Mutua.

“The marijuana that we are advocating is industrial hemp, not THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis). It is not for consumption,” Ms Wamae responded after Ms Wambui asked her if she consumes bhang.

She further explained that the substance will be legalised for purification purposes, and not for smoking. She also said that if elected alongside Prof George Wajackoyah, officers from the Ministry of Agriculture will ensure that bhang is not cultivated by everyone.

“Our future is in the legalization of marijuana. Our idea as Roots Party is to run a profitable government devoid of increasing taxes from Kenyans, rather we are going to generate more revenue. Our own money will come from legalization and regulation of bhang,” she said.

Ms Wamae also said legalising bhang will create employment for the youth in the country, who, she said, are now crowded in the boda boda sector.

On her part, Ms Mutua said Agano Party’s priority will be to fight corruption which she said has led to unemployment and the country’s depressed economy.