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Rosa Ree: My affair with Timmy Tdat was a rebound, I don’t regret it

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree, who has been making waves in the Kenyan showbiz scene, recently shared insights into her failed love relationships, shedding light on her tumultuous romantic journey, which included a high-profile engagement with Kenyan rapper Timmy Tdat.

In 2021, Rosa Ree’s love life took center stage when she got engaged to her on-and-off boyfriend, King Petrousse, with whom she shares a son.

The couple, deeply in love at the time, captured their affectionate moments and adventures on social media, enchanting their followers with glimpses of their life together.

However, this enchanting love story took an unexpected turn when it all came to a sudden halt.

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Revealing what transpired between her and Petrousse, Rosa Ree disclosed that her fiancé abruptly packed up one day and left, leaving her in a state of confusion and disbelief.

“I don’t know what went wrong (between us); I’m just as clueless as everyone. I know that will surprise most people, but it is what it is. I mean, the guy just woke up one day and left. We hadn’t had a fight or quarrel; he just said he needed to travel and never came back. I honestly don’t know where he is because even communication since then has been shady,” she candidly shared.

She revealed that she did not sit at home and cry over a broken heart. Rosa Ree started dating Timmy T Dat.

On her relationship with Timmy, which the duo never publicly acknowledged, Rosa Ree says it died naturally.

“Sometimes relationships die organically, and it’s okay to normalise something that dies that way,” the rapper says that although things never worked out between her and Timmy, she does not regret dating him, even though their relationship seemed like a rebound.

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Adding, “I did address this issue in my song I’m Not Sorry…because I’m not.”

Rosa Ree was referring to her lyrics from the second verse of the hit single, I’m Not Sorry, where she raps, “I fu***d the wrong guy once, and he broke my heart. I want my s*x back, I’m not sorry,
When I got a rebound guy and fu**d him for gun imma tell you I’m not sorry,
When I let a rapper touch my t*tties in a video well, I’m not sorry,
Heard you wanna know if me and him dated or not. Yeah, we did and I’m not sorry.”

Despite the hurting breaks ups, Rosa Ree says she has moved on into a new relationship “with Jesus and my son”.

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