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This is why Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando is relocating to Kenya

Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando has decided to leave her motherland and relocate to Kenya, a move she says will help her get peace and happiness in her life.

In a telephone interview by the Nation the ‘Utamu Wa Yesu’ singer said she is tired of living a life full of doubt and worry adding that she is also weary of living an unhappy life full of death threats.

“Kweli nahamia Kenya kabisa. Nimechoka kuishi maisha ya mashaka, kutishiwa maisha. Sina raha kabisa, sina amani hata mbingu zinajua” (Yes, it is true that I’m relocating to Kenya for good. I’m tired of living a life full of doubt and worry, full of death threats. I’m so unhappy and I don’t have peace, even the heavens know that.) she said before disconnecting the call and switching off her phone.

In interview by Tanzanian newspaper Ijumaa Wikienda, Muhando was claimed that she had recently received death threats from a bishop whom she accused of sexually harassing her.

Muhando further claimed that the bishop has been demanding sexual favors from her as repayment for helping her financially with her music career.


The musician claims that her efforts to report the bishop to the authorities have been futile because the man of the cloth is well connected politically, besides being wealthy.

Muhando has recently been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, including controversies ranging from drug abuse, abortion and sexual harassment to shady business deals and death threats.

The gospel artiste has however come out to strongly deny claims of drug abuse.

“I’m don’t use drugs and will never use them. If the bishop thought that would be the scandal that would bring me down, then I know he is in for a rude shock,” Muhando said.

“He wanted to use me for sex and make money from my music but I refused. I am saddened by the things he said about me because it hurts my family psychologically. But I know God is with me and heavens will open up,” the mother of three added.