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Rosemary Odinga bows out of Kibra race with a promise -VIDEO

A recovering Rosemary Odinga has expressed her support to the person who will win the Kibra constituency parliamentary seat.

In a video posted on Facebook, Ms Odinga thanked all who supported her bid urging constituents to change Kenya for better during the upcoming elections.

The daughter of Nasa co-principal Raila Odinga also narrated her stroke incident that led to her hospitalization in Nairobi and South Africa where she is still undergoing treatment.


“It is following my doctor’s advice, that for the time being, I will continue serving my community in other capacities and regrettably bow out of the race for Member of Parliament. I would like to thank each and every person that supported my bid and the people of Kibra for opening their hearts and homes to me. I will forever cherish your outpouring love and prayers,” wrote Ms Odinga as part of her video caption.

In the video, she added that she will remain to be a strong and active member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) wishing all aspirants the very best in the nominations.

“I’d want to wish the party members and whoever it is that will win the ticket my full and total support, I am with you,” said Ms Odinga.