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Row brews at rugby union

Kisumu Rugby Union has lodged a petition with the Kenya Rugby Union to expel five teams.

The club also seeks to block the chairmen of the clubs from taking part in any events organised by KRU.

Kenya Harlequins, KCB, Impala, Nondescripts and USIU have been cited as stumbling blocks to KRU’s development programmes over the years.

Some clubs have termed the move as an attempt to divert attention from another petition presented to KRU pressing for the sacking of the union’s CEO Jack Okoth.

“Okoth was spotted in Western Kenya looking for signatures to back the Kisumu petition,” said an aggrieved chairman who declined to be named.

According to the Kisumu petition, the mentioned clubs were at the forefront opposing KRU’s bid to expand the Kenya Cup in 2010.

Quins led a boycott of league games at the opening of the season. Eventually, the matter was resolved after Kisumu was promoted to the top tier league.

Quins, Impala and Nondies have further been named in the petition as standing in the way of a Sh250 million plan by pay television Zuku to sponsorship national teams.

The three claim if the Zuku plan succeeds, they would be locked out of a deal with leading sports broadcaster SuperSport.

The three clubs refused to travel to Kampala for a Rugby Super Series semi-final, a decision the lakeside team says warrants punishment.

Kisumu also claims Quins’ tenancy lease of the Kenya Rugby Union of East Africa Grounds was done unprocedurally.

Quins is accused of denying national teams access to some facilities, especially the showers.

Kisumu are demanding that Quins vacate the grounds.

If Kisumu have their way, the Impala Floodlits Tournament and the Christie Sevens Circuit will be scrapped from the the KRU calendar of events.