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Rowdy students in Nandi beat up teacher over food

Teachers in Nandi South sub-county have demanded the arrest of unruly students who assaulted a high school teacher over instructions to queue for food.

Rowdy students at Maraba Mixed Secondary in Aldai sub-county descended on the teacher after they clashed with him over instructions to maintain order when food was being served in the school dining hall.

The boys alleged that the teacher always harassed them whenever they went to be served meals by demanding that they queue instead of scrambling for food.

Some students waylaid him late Friday evening and assaulted him. The teacher reported the attack to the police in Nandi South and demanded the arrest of the boys.

Following the incident, teachers, led by Nandi County Kuppet secretary Paul Rotich and other union officials, demanded the arrest of the students.

Mr Rotich demanded the transfer of all teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) at Maraba Secondary unless the Ministry of Education and the police assured them of their safety while in school.

It has since emerged that a female teacher at the school was also assaulted by the students in 2021 over the same issue of queuing for school meals

Another female teacher at a school in Tindiret sub-county was also slapped by students, and the Kuppet officials said no action was taken.

The officials have threatened that their members will boycott secondary schools where students act with impunity.

They stormed the school and mobilised teachers in Aldai to hold a procession to the local education offices, where they held talks with sub-county directors and expressed outrage at the students’ actions.

Mr Rotich protested that because caning of students was banned by the government, students in most secondary schools don’t even do their homework and teachers are humiliated by students while on duty.

Nandi County Education Director Zachariah Muituri said the latest incident was being investigated. He said the Ministry of Education will work with the police to have action taken against the students involved.

Said Muituri: “The matter is being investigated by the ministry and police. The teacher sought medical attention at a local hospital after the assault,” he said, urging students to respect their teachers.

Nandi County Police Commander Naumi Ichami said the victim was issued with a P3 form (to record the assault as evidence that a violent act had occurred) and action would be taken after investigations are completed.