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Rowdy youth disrupt Waiguru’s meeting (but not because of what you’re thinking)

By George Munene September 12th, 2019 2 min read

Chaos nearly erupted today when hostile youths stormed the Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s development function accusing her of denying Mutira MCA Kinyua Wangui an opportunity to address the residents.

Tension mounted at Kagumo town as the youths shouted in protest, drowning Governor Waiguru’s speech.

As they gradually turned rowdy, armed police cordoned the dais where county boss was standing, to counter any possible eventuality.

Trouble started when Ms Waiguru officially opened a modern new market constructed by her government and declared that she would not allow the area ward representative, Mr Wangui, to continue insulting her in public and following her when commissioning development projects in his ward.


She insisted that she had respect for all leaders but the MCA was constantly mudslinging her despite being patient for so long.

“Respect is two way traffic and I also deserve to be treated fairly as a leader,” she remarked.

She asked whether the residents wanted their MCA to continue undermining and showing disrespect to her. It is at that point the youths rose up in protest booing, as they demanded that Mr Wangui addresses the meeting.

Efforts to cool down tempers by security officers and the Governor were unsuccessful.


As the situation turned nasty, Ms Waiguru bowed to pressure and handed over microphone to Mr Wangui to greet  the people, restoring calm.

Addressing the gathering Mr Wangui said he fully supported Governor Waiguru’s development agenda and denied that he was undermining and hurling insults to the County boss.

He accused his political enemies of peddling falsehoods to drive a wedge between him and the Governor.

“My political enemies are antagonising me and the Governor. I’m supporting development projects of the devolved government and my foes should stop misleading the Governor.

After the meeting, the youths carried Mr Wangui shoulder high while chanting victory slogans.

Later, Ms Waiguru dismissed the intruders as hired goons who plotted to disrupt the function.

“Those were not residents. They were goons given money to try and cause chaos but I will not give up my mission to initiate development projects which are meant to benefit the residents,” she said.

Ms Waiguru said she does not advocate violence and urged residents not to agree to be used by politicians to frustrate her from delivering on her mandate.