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Rufftone opens up on past differences with Daddy Owen

By Wangu Kanuri January 26th, 2022 1 min read

Gospel singer Smith Mwatia, popularly known in entertainment circles as Rufftone, has sensationally claimed his brother Owen Mwatia alias Daddy Owen, once tried to harm him owing to differences in political opinion.

“In 2007, I remember my blood brother Daddy Owen was (supporting) ODM and I was (for) PNU (party). We disagreed one morning, he ran out with his friends na ‘panga,” said Rufftone in an interview with NTV.

Nairobi News has reached out to Daddy Owen for comment.

Rufftone has since undergone a change of heart.

He now says he doesn’t support ODM because the political outfit has been linked to various incidents is hooliganism.

“I tend to believe that politics is about ideology and if we differ with you politically, you do not have to actually manifest physically to harm me whether through verbal or physical,” he added.

Rufftone is gunning for the Nairobi senatorial seat in the August 2022 polls, says he will, if elected, focus on legislation that will create jobs for the youth.

“I need to ensure there is proper implementation of devolution from the national government to the counties,” he added.

The Mungu Baba hitmaker is seeking the UDA party ticket.