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How Ruiru man who killed his girlfriend lied to her bosses that she had quit

A man accused of killing his girlfriend before stashing her body inside a suitcase informed her colleagues that she had quit her job and they were planning to move out of the house they lived, it has now emerged.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Mr Moris Njuguna, 28, and Ms Risper Ndunge had co-habited for five months before she died.

The deceased, who was killed on April 17, 2023, worked as a cashier at a nyama choma eatery in Kamakis along the Eastern Bypass while Mr Njuguna worked as a chef at the same establishment.

“On the same morning, the suspect left the house and went to work as usual. He informed his colleagues that the deceased had quit her job and they would be moving out of their house to an unspecified destination,” the DCI said.

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In his statement to the police, Mr Njuguna said he lived doubting his girlfriend and on several occasions kept on questioning why she would arrive home at 3am yet he arrived home at 10pm.

On this matter, the management of the premises where the couple worked explained that the nature of their work would not allow both of them leave at the same time. To that effect, the man was supposed to arrive at work and also leave earlier than the girlfriend.

“However, due to the nature of their duties, the man would be the first to arrive home before 10pm, while the deceased would be dropped home later in the devil’s hours at around 3am,” the DCI said.

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According to the DCI, this did not go down well with man who suspected that his girlfriend did not spend all that time balancing the day’s sales as he had been made to believe. The issue became the main reason for the couple’s frequent differences.

However, it would have been a challenge for detectives and police officers to get to the bottom of the matter and arrest Mr Njuguna were it not for a report that was made by the landlord of a building where the body of the deceased was dumped.

On the evening of April 18, 2023, the suspect in the murder stashed the body inside a suitcase and dumped it outside a rental apartment within Kamakis and all this was captured on CCTV.

“The suspect (then) carried the lifeless body disguised as a luggage, and after one kilometre, disposed it outside the gate to a rental building, before walking off. CCTV footage obtained by detectives showed the suspect carrying the suitcase at around 9:35pm before dumping it,” the DCI said.

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The body was discovered by the tenants who informed the landlord who in turn called police officers attached to Gatong’ora Police Post.

Nairobi News has established that the matter was recorded at the station under Occurrence Book (OB) number 25/18/4/2023.

Already, witnesses in the matter have recorded statement and a second suspect Mr Francis Chege, 32, was also arrested in Mukuyu, Murang’a County after he was found in possession of a phone that belongs to the deceased.

Mr Chege, in his statement, told the police that he had asked his cousin to buy him a phone and he was the one who gave him the gadget.

“The main suspect also led detectives to the shop where he had bought the sack used in concealing the suitcase carrying the deceased’s body,” the DCI said.