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LIES THAT BIND: 5 rules of cheating and not getting caught

The world is full of cheating husbands, wives, boyfriend and girlfriends; It’s ‘okay’ to cheat, the world seems to be telling us. It’s actually even okay to talk, and yes, write about it.

Cheating may at times help create a stronger bond, it helps us notice how important the partner we have at home is or isn’t.

I know a lot of you would love to cheat – the forbidden fruit is sweet – and who doesn’t love sweet things?

So here are five rules of cheating and not getting caught:

1. Use their name on your phone – No matter how sweet it looks, do not save them using pet names, any suspicious name in your phone raises our eyebrows. We are not bothered by ‘Silvia Kenya Power’, but ‘BC’ that will definitely get me wondering.

2. Do not keep text messages – No matter how ‘warm’ that message makes you feel, even if it touches the right places and makes you go awhhhhh! … please delete it. If need be, delete all kinds of messages once you’ve read them.

While at it choose only one medium to communicate, WhatsApp, tinder, text messages or messenger, whichever you choose stick to it.

3. Keep no photo evidence – Why do people save pictures? Why do you actually take them in the first place? If pictures have to be taken, kindly hide you face, the internet never forgets.

4. Do not shower at his/her place – We know what sprays you use and how you smell when you are from work. No matter how dirty you feel, do not shower at his or her place. That said, jumping into the shower straight after getting home is a no no!

5. Your friends don’t need to know about it – As your friends, we will not choose to tell him/her the truth but when hanging out, a word or two may slip out. We may even call her ‘Silvia’ by mistake. We are just victims of circumstances and yes we are sorry after it all.

So since we are just human, please keep your cheating game away from us. Don’t make us lie for you.