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Ruth K and Mulamwah – Breaking up won’t stop us from posting our love

By Sinda Matiko December 6th, 2023 2 min read

Content creator Ruth Karegi, popularly known as Ruth K, boldly declares that she and her boyfriend, comedian Mulamwah, have no intentions of halting the documentation of their love life on social media, even in the face of breakup rumors.

The couple remains unfazed, demonstrating a commitment to sharing their journey regardless of the potential criticisms that may come their way.

Currently expecting their first child, Ruth K notes that many couples, particularly celebrities, shy away from showcasing their love openly due to the fear of public scrutiny and the challenges that may arise in case of a separation.

However, this concern doesn’t disrupt the tranquility of Ruth K and Mulamwah’s relationship.

“We share (our love life) because we know there are people who follow us, that we inspire, and are always looking forward to us. About a scare of breaking up, we really don’t care about that for us; we are always praying for the best because we believe this is what God wants for us,” Ruth K explained.

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The 23-year-old former teacher turned content creator, in a relationship with Mulamwah for two years, reveals that although the pregnancy came earlier than planned, they are grateful for the unexpected blessing.

“We hadn’t planned to have a child at this point in time, but had discussed it. It came early than planned. Nonetheless, we thank God for the blessing; His time is always the best,” she adds.

The love story unfolded when Ruth K and Mulamwah met in Eldoret a few months after Mulamwah’s well-publicized breakup with actress Caroline Sonnie, with whom he shares a daughter.

Recently, Sonnie took a jab at Mulamwah’s announcement of plans for a traditional ceremony (ruracio) to pay the bride price to Ruth K’s family.

She claimed that Mulamwah disowned their child and hasn’t been providing support. In response, Mulamwah accused Sonnie of being dramatic and frustrating his attempts at co-parenting.

Despite the publicised past, Ruth K and Mulamwah continue to share their love journey openly, emphasising that they are focused on the positive aspects of their relationship and the upcoming addition to their family.