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Singer Ruth Matete opens up on how she lost her Nigerian hubby

Gospel singer Ruth Matete has for the first time opened up on her husband’s death.

Speaking in an interview on Kalekye’s Health Moments, Matete revealed she was shattered with the accident that took her husband’s life.

Ruth Matete was married to a Nigerian preacher and singer namely Beloved John, who passed on following a tragic accident at their home in Nairobi weeks after the couple learnt they were expecting their a baby.

Matete recalls that her husband had decided to help her fir a new gas cylinder when things the accident happened.

“We had bought gas, and it looked like the gas cylinder was faulty. Because when we tried to light it, it wasn’t working well. He decided to go with it to the balcony and try to sort it out,” she said.

John managed to release the gas at the balcony, however according to Matete the balcony had a lot of stuff including clothes on the hanging line.

“Where he was at the balcony there was a lot of stuff including my clothes. What he was doing was releasing the gas because he thought it was really full, so he just needed to reduce it a little bit, so it could work,” she added.

After releasing the excess gas, John lit the cylinder before the gas evaporated from the air, and it exploded.

“Unfortunately as he was releasing the gas, he released too much of it, and he didn’t wait for it to evaporate, so it was just filling up in the air, and he tried to light it to check if the gas is working and that’s when it exploded,” Matete added.

John was immediately rushed to the hospital where he stayed in the ICU for one week and then transferred to the general ward for another week but succumbed to the injuries.

When she received the news of her husband’s death, Matete revealed that she forgot about her baby for a moment.

“When I was told that my husband was no more, to be honest I never thought about the baby, this is my husband we had only been married for four months, the love of my life, the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I did not think about the baby, the pregnancy. I did not even care if I lost it. At that moment I was mourning. I just allowed myself to grief, I had to accept it.”

“I know what death is. When they told me he is gone, I had to quickly adjust so as not to lose it. Even if I did not care about losing the pregnancy, at some point, I was like, he might have gone but because of the seed he has left in me, I have to hold myself together.” She added.

Matete made her name after her impressive show at the Tusker Project Fame reality show.