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Ruth Matete ‘ready’ for another child

Gospel singer Ruth Matete says she’s ready to have another child, months after she welcomed a baby girl.

The comment suggests the sassy singer is ready to move on having lost her Nigerian hubby in controversial circumstances.

Matete, an award winning musician, via her Instagram page revealed she was will not have only one child like her father.

She also explained how challenging the recent past has been while dealing with her sick daughter and without a house help.

“Tuseme tu yesu ni bana . Then she has homa. Running nose, watery eyes. Sneezing all through > Kumoee dawa is world war each time. This is the reason I will not have one child like my father. At least three kuendelea. sai my brother or sister would have come to be with me . Anyway, DM called me jana asking me to send her fare. Is that a good sign?. Should I be hopeful? Also, someone should come Toluwa kuvaa socks,” she shared.

Matete is the only child of Kenyan actor Abel Munga and this has made her feel some type of way. She also wants her daughter Toluwa to have siblings.

In September, the former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) winner took to her social media handles to open up about the tough times she had faced.

During a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, Ruth agreed with a fan who asked her if he would ‘get married again.’

“I believe in the God of second, third, fourth etc chances. So yes, I would love to,” she responded.

The response came and once again reinforced her earlier thought that she was willing to embrace all her life troubles.

“If you zoom this picture to the right, you’ll see a scar on my back. I used to hide it together with other scars that I have on my body. But it’s been a few years since I stopped hiding them. Scars are proof that you survived what was meant to kill you. Don’t be ashamed of your scars. Wear them boldly.”

Matete and the late husband John Apewajoye who died in a fire accident at their home got married in November 2019 in a ceremony that was only attended by close friends and family members.