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Ruth Matete loses hubby, only five months into their marriage

Gospel artiste and Tusker Project Fame 5 winner, Ruth Matete, lost her Nigerian husband on Saturday, just after five months into their new marriage.

Her husband, John Apewajoye alias Beloved John, died while undergoing treatment for burns at a Nairobi based hospital.

According to Matete’s father, actor Abel Amunga, John was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago after sustaining injuries from a gas fire incident.

“Two weeks ago, John who was a pastor and ministered together with Ruth Matete refilled their gas cylinder. However, the fire could not start and he suspected that the gas was in excess. He took it out to the balcony opened the valve to release some gas then returned it to the kitchen. He didn’t know that there were gases all over his clothes. On lighting the fire, he started to burn,” Matete’s father said.

According to Amunga, John was rushed to a city hospital and admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before being transferred to a similar unit in a different hospital.

Come Saturday, at around 8:30pm, the pastor passed on.

“We cannot ascertain that he died because of the fire injuries. We are suspecting kidney failure but we will confirm that after the postmortem. It is a tough time for Ruth and our family and I ask that she be allowed to mourn in peace,” Amunga added.

John Apewajoye wedded the musician in November last year in a colourful ceremony, even as the controversy rocked the union after barelya week.

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