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Ruth Matete shares cyberbullying experience after hubby death

Singer Ruth Matete has opened up on how she had to deal with cyberbullies at the time she lost her husband died suddenly in a freak accident.

Matete, who shot to fame after winning the Tusker Project Fame reality show award in 2012, lost her Nigerian husband namely pastor Beloved John in a gas accident at their Nairobi home.

She was heavily pregnant at the time and even though the authorities would investigate and later clear her of any wrongdoing, Matete, in an interview with Kalekye’s Health Moments, says she had to leave with consistent speculation surrounding the death.

The trauma she received from the bullies forced her to temporarily delete her social media pages.

“Through my husband’s ordeal I went through cyberbullying but this time I was wiser,” the mother of one narrated.

“I used to hear things from my close friends, yes I knew it was happening but I decided not to go looking for the information myself. I did not want to read about it, I just let things be. It affected me but I dealt with it as soon as I could. My friends really shielded me.”

“Deleting my accounts also helped as you could not find me.”

Matete’s husband’s death took another twist when the Nigerian embassy in Nairobi sought and was granted orders to detain his body pending independent investigations.

Beloved John was eventually buried at Lang’ata cemetery, in Nairobi.