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Ruth Matete’s Nigerian hubby addresses claims he is still married to another woman

By Thomas Matiko November 29th, 2019 1 min read

TPF 5 winner gospel singer Ruth Matete’s husband has been forced to clear the air on claims that he wedded the musician last week while still married to his first wife, Juliet Aihinomo.

Apewajoye now says there are enemies out to cripple his marriage to Matete.

“First of all I want to thank everyone who stood and still standing by me and my wife. I also want to thank everyone who is busy seeking to destroy. In everything we give thanks to God. We made a vow to God and regardless of what comes our way we will keep this vow. I and my wife are doing good and want to be allowed to enjoy our lives and ministry.” Apewajoye wrote in recent Social media post.

Troubled love life

Matete, who has had a troubled love life, wedded her Nigerian husband pastor Apewajoye last Friday in a colourful ceremony.

But even before the couple could go for their honeymoon, word doing rounds claimed that Apewajoye was still married.

The rumours emerged from Nigeria. But Matete then defended her husband saying she knows about Juliet as an ex-wife to her new husband as well as the children they sired together.

This is not the first time Matete is finding herself in love drama. Few years back while still fresh from winning the Sh5 million prize money, she dated former Tahidi actor Prince Tsyder.

Their relationship, however, did not last with word on the streets claiming that the actor dumped her as soon as she went “broke”.