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Ruto blasts Raila for skipping presidential debate

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday night sharply criticised his main challenger Raila Odinga in the August polls for skipping the presidential debate.

The eagerly-awaited face off between the two leaders, who are considered the frontrunners in the presidential race, failed to materialise after the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition candidate made good his word to snub the presidential debate.

Mr Odinga said he would not share a platform with Dr Ruto over integrity issues. But in response, while speaking during the debate, Dr Ruto said Mr Odinga failed to show up become he has no agenda for the country.

“My competitor didn’t show up because he has no plan. He has no agenda. He is not the real candidate, he is a project. He is dodging difficult questions. He does not want to answer questions,” Dr Ruto said.

The DP also lambasted Mr Odinga for what he termed as contempt for the citizens.

“Our competitors have run away from debate in total disregard for the people of Kenya. They think it is the Deep State and System that will make the decision on August 9,” Ruto said.

Earlier on Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga was left as the solo participant in the second tier debate after Roots Party candidate Prof George Wajackoyah skipped the debate.

Prof Wajackoyah, who was meant to debate with Mr Mwaure, arrived at the venue but said he would only participate in the debate if he was allowed to share the same platform with Dr Ruto of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Raila Odinga of the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition.