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Ruto: Cancelation of Arror, Kimwarer dam projects was meant to punish me

July 26th, 2022 1 min read

Deputy President William Ruto has claimed that the government purposely canceled the construction of the Kimwaraer and Arror dams to punish him politically.

Speaking during the presidential debate on Tuesday at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Dr Ruto also claimed that the projects were stopped following his numerous visits to the region to supervise the progress.

“Arror and Kimwarer were signed at the same time with other projects. They were signed by the same companies and funded by the same financiers. These were not projects that were cooked at night or in some dark corner. How come the projects that did not go through are only Arror and Kimwarer?” he posed.

“The contractor did not continue with the project is because he was denied the land where to set up the dam and that was an undertaking by the government of Kenya,” he went on.

He also said there is no money that was lost in the process to procure the project and that had the money been lost, the suspects would have been arrested and prosecuted.

“I don’t believe any money was lost, and even if money were lost, people should be taken to court,” he said.

Further, the DP said that the real issue surrounding the matter will one day be brought to light.

At the same time, Dr Ruto said that, if elected, his government will facilitate the construction of the stalled dams in Kerio Valley. He said the completion of the projects would improve the security in the conflict-prone region.