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Why DP Ruto should not celebrate by-elections ‘win’

That the ODM brigade drew the name of the Deputy President William Ruto into the two by-elections concluded on Friday is not in dispute.

That their propaganda failed miserably is not in contest, either. They refused to address the concerns of the electorate, and rather chose to fuel their already inflated ego, buttressed by their delusional proximity to or inclusion in government.

In fact, of late, ODM feels and speaks more government than President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy.

However, here is why Ruto should be very worried, rather than celebrate.

Of course, these two losses by ODM can easily provide him with some false sense of success not earned, since his name was made a campaign tool and agenda.


The sad truth, which the DP must confront with urgency, is that there’s no difference between the loudmouthed sycophants that surround Mr Raila Odinga, those that are successfully presiding over his political annihilation, and those that surround him (Ruto).

If anything, Ruto has a worse bunch of characters who have refused to open their eyes to reality, and realize that if they have any meaningful intention of occupying State House in 2022, then they must cease domesticating, trivializing and tribalizing what should otherwise have been a national campaign.

There’s no difference between what Senator James Orengo is doing to Odinga from what Senator Kipchumba Murkomen or Samson Cheragei are doing to Ruto.

There’s no difference between the liability of Governor Cornel Rasanga to Odinga and Governor Stephen Sang to Ruto.

There’s simply no difference between the arrogance of John Mbadi, Edwin Sifuna and their cohort to that of the foul-mouthed Oscar Sudi and their breed.


Kenyans are equally tired of the deputy president’s regurgitated rhetoric of “…tutajenga mabarara, tutaunganisha stima, tutaleta maji… blah blah blah…” spiced with snide remarks about waganga, wachawi, na wale majamaa, with nothing tangible to show on the ground for the six years he has been the second most powerful man in Kenya.

What became of the “tumetenga mabilioni” cliche, by the way?

Unless he goes back to the drawing board and reconstitutes his agenda, messaging and more importantly his core team, I can bet as sure as he sun rises, Kenyans will mete out on him the exact same punishment they handed Odinga on Friday.

Kenyans are tired of empty rhetoric founded on nothing other than comedy and entertainment that achieves or delivers nothing.

It is impossible to laugh on an empty stomach. And Kenyans ain’t laughing no more.

The writer is a a political consultant in Nairobi.