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Ruto claims Odinga’s campaign backed by Covid-19 billionaries

Deputy President William Ruto claims Raila Odinga’s political campaigns are funded by corruption proceeds.

The DP made the claims while on the campaign trail in Isiolo, further claiming Odinga was close friends to persons implicated in the loss of funds at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), estimated to the tune of billions of shillings.

“You have no business giving us a lecture on corruption when you are using corrupt money for the campaign,” said the DP, but without sharing concrete proof.

“You cannot be dining with the Covid billionaires and giving us lecture about corruption. Don’t preach water and you are taking wine,” said Ruto.

The DP further alleged majority of the governors supporting Odinga’s presidential bid are eager to avoid state harassment.

“He (Odinga) is hiding them because he told them that whenever they are supporting him, even if you have stolen public money, you will be saved.”

Ruto’s remarks come days after Auditor General Nancy Gathungu questioned the use of Sh10 billion meant for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines.

Gathungu explained that 1.5 million vaccines were bought instead of the required 10 million.

She also questioned the method the Ministry of Health used to award tenders to supply masks.

Odinga and Ruto, who’s also been accused of engaging in corruption during his tenure as Cabinet Minister and Deputy President, are considered front runners to win the presidential race in the August 2022 polls.