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Ruto ‘corrects’ Uhuru on high cost of living

Deputy President William Ruto has trashed President Uhuru Kenyatta for the rising cost of living in the country.

Speaking on Thursday night when he launched his manifesto, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate said the tough economics times that Kenyans are currently experiencing has nothing to do with the Russia-Ukraine war.

“The challenge of the cost of living is increased agricultural productivity, blaming it on the war in Ukraine is a lost cause,” Ruto said.

During the Labuor Day celebrations, President Kenyatta asked politicians, including his deputy, to stop blaming him for the high cost of living in the country, saying it was an issue ‘beyond his control’.

Also the Head of State, through his spokesperson Kanze Dena, is on record for saying Kenya is not the only country in the world that is experiencing high cost of living.

“The rising cost of living is not exclusive to Kenya; it is a global phenomenon fueled by numerous external factors, among them the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war which has led to a rise in the global price of petroleum, which is a key factor of production,” the president said.

The cost of maize flour, for instance, has doubled with Kenyans struggling to put ugali on their tables.

A 2kg packet of maize flour is currently retailing at while a litre of oil has moved from Sh346 in February to Sh455 in June.