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Ruto dodges queries on Rigathi’s ‘Kenya as a shareholding company’ comments

President William Ruto dismissed questions about his deputy’s statement that Kenya operates as a shareholding company where appointments are based on votes.

Speaking at a joint media briefing at State House in Nairobi on Sunday, he said his deputy Rigathi Gachagua could explain himself. He suggested that those seeking answers should approach him directly.

“My deputy Rigathi Gachagua is not a madman,” President Ruto said. He threw up his hands in frustration and said: “Ask him.

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Mr Gachagua has been claiming that government appointments must be based on the strength of the vote investment regions and communities risked in the Ruto presidency, “and after those who contributed to the formation of the Kenya Kwanza government have had their fill, the rest can have the morsels, if any”.

So passionate is Mr Gachagua on the issue that during the burial of Mama Eloise Mukami Kimathi in Nyandarua County on Saturday, Mr Gachagua reiterated in front of his boss that “there are those who are complaining that we the Agikuyu community are getting many slots in this government”.

Mr Gachagua said, “We are there by choice, you expected us to be where we are and by the same measure, you are complaining that we are many in government, you are also complaining that we are also many in prisons, mortuaries…”

He told the President, “We are happy that you continue to appoint us and continue to do so”.

When journalists asked the President if he supported the position, he replied, “These are your feelings,”.

When asked if he condemned the statements, he replied, “These are your issues”.

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Under pressure to take a definitive position, the President lost his patience and declared that he would not allow his deputy’s name to be dragged into the debate.

“When all you have to do is find him and let him explain,” He said he respected his deputy, and that was why “I have given him responsibilities and made sure he is in an office that works”.

The President said part of Mr Gachagua’s job is to ensure that no one dies of hunger, “and I expect him to be in office all the time, engaging stakeholders to achieve the objectives of his mandate”.

In an earlier interview, Mr Gachagua said his main job is to hang around State House and ensure that “those who did not believe in the Ruto presidency during the campaigns do not get favours until those who did benefit first”.

Mr Gachagua also said that Mt Kenya owns 47 per cent of Kenya Kwanza government shares after 84 per cent of the county’s voters believed in Mr Ruto’s presidential bid.

To this end, Mr Gachagua promises his community that appointments will continue to come their way, “including in the forthcoming appointment of new envoys”.

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