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Ruto eyes bilateral relations with international community

President William Ruto has stressed Kenya’s commitment to global partnership.

The Head of State spoke at State House, Nairobi on March 6, 2024, when he accepted the credentials from five new envoys.

The President said bilateral relations are key to the growth of economies and outlined his intention to enhance its development agenda through collaboration with other nations.

“Kenya will actively engage with other countries, consolidate and broaden its worldwide diplomatic networks geared towards our shared prosperity,”

In brief discussions, President Ruto explored the relationships between Kenya and each envoy.

Ambassador Enrique Javier Ochoa Martinez of Mexico affirmed his country’s dedication to cooperation with Kenya, pledging to work bilaterally and multilaterally.

He also acknowledged Kenya’s leadership in a multinational force in Haiti, aimed at quelling violence in the Caribbean nation.

Serbian envoy Danijela Cubrilo Martic expressed honor in presenting credentials to President Ruto, committing to further build bilateral ties with Kenya.

Giovani Conti, San Marino’s inaugural ambassador to Kenya, celebrated the accreditation as the beginning of positive relations, emphasizing San Marino’s status as an independent and sovereign member of the international community.

Eswatini’s non-resident ambassador, Mahlaba Mamba, residing in Addis Ababa and accredited to Kenya, pledged to strengthen the relationship between Kenya and Eswatini through Kenyan ambassador George Orina, based in Addis Ababa.

Ambassador Martic, representing Serbia, expressed gratitude to Kenya for not recognising Kosovo’s unilateral independence, aligning with international law and the UN Charter.

Thailand’s envoy, Morakot Janemathukorn, expressed anticipation of deepening relations with Kenya. This diplomatic interaction signifies Kenya’s proactive approach to fostering strong international connections, underlining its commitment to collaborative development efforts on the global stage.

President Ruto has in the recent past vouched for the government to seek job opportunities to qualified Kenyans abroad.