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Ruto heaps praise on subsidised fertiliser program

By Sammy Waweru November 9th, 2023 2 min read

President William Ruto has heaped praise on the subsidised fertiliser program introduced by his government that aims to address food security challenges in the country.

In his State of the Nation address in Parliament, President Ruto explained how farmers were applauding the drive which had led to increased production.

The Head of State cited the example of one Samuel Chacha from Kuria, who reportedly admitted that his crops had performed beyond his expectations this season.

The President used the swahili phase ‘shamba langu linametameta,’ to describe the positive impact of affordable fertiliser.

“I spoke to several farmers, and they told me that subsidised fertiliser has enabled them to produce a lot of maize. One farmer, Samuel Chacha from Kuria, told me, ‘Mr President, ona vile shamba langu linametameta,” Dr Ruto revealed.

‘Ona vile shamba langu linametameta’ is a Swahili statement that can be loosely translated as ‘See how my farm is flourishing due to thriving crops’.

The affordable fertiliser initiative by President William Ruto-led government was launched in early 2023, with a 50-kilo bag retailing at Sh3,500, down from Sh6,500.

The President later reduced the cost of the commodity to Sh2,500 in August 2023 amid reports some of the fertiliser had been donated for free by Russia.

President Ruto has recently stated the country expected a bumper harvest of up to 62 million bags of this year.

He claimed the increase in production is not only due to sufficient rains but also the result of the affordable distribution of fertiliser to farmers.

However, the President’s prediction contradicts that of agricultural experts.

The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) insists that producing 35 million bags of maize would be a miracle.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, through Cabinet Secretary (CS), Mr Mithika Linturi, projected a harvest of 42 million bags.

According to the President, over 5.5 million bags of fertilisers have so far been distributed to farmers.

This initiative only benefits registered farmers.

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